Constitution of The Republic of Uganda

Term of office of judicial officers. (Article 144 (1) and (2))

A judicial officer may retire at any time after reaching the age of sixty years and shall vacate his or her office—

(a) in the case of the Chief Justice, the deputy Chief Justice, a justice of the Supreme Court and a justice of Appeal, on reaching the age of seventy;

(b) in the case of the Principal judge and a judge of the High Court, after reaching the age of sixty-five; or

(c) in both cases, on reaching such age as may be provided by Parliament.

27 years of NRM

its 27 years of NRM but what have we benefited has Ugandans. The roads are still in poor conditions, Many people still have where to sleep, Majority lack what to eat, Those who are Educated lack what to do. So what have they done really in these 27 years? I cant stop asking my self that question each day that goes by. The best advice i can give to Mr President is to quite in 2016 such that other people can also take over. We need change such that we can compare who is greater than the other.